Here you can find out more about the films written and directed by Tom Lock Griffiths. For an online screening copy of any of the completed films below, please get in touch​.

The Committal (2019)

Short Film, starring Alice Handoll and Produced by Franziska Lindner. Based on the central dilemmas of the play Antigone.

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Take Me to a Place (2020)

'Take Me to a Place' is a poignant pop song about our times. 

Swing Shut (2019)

'Swing Shut' is the third single from Rozi Plain's new album 'What a Boost’ completed to coincide with the album's release in April 2019 on Memphis Industries record label.

Mistral (2018)

Short film featuring Effie Papa, Mistral is part story, part essay, part recollection of a dream.

Waterfall (2016)

‘Waterfall’ is a short film essay that starts with the scattering of the ashes of a loved one at a Welsh waterfall.