MISTRAL (Short Film, 2018)

Mistral is part story, part essay, part recollection of a dream, it starts under the earth with the discovery of a lost graveyard that belonged to the Bedlam Insane Asylum and takes us on journey through London and the English and French Provencal countryside, chasing the blowing winds and trying to remember the people we've lost.


MISTRAL Festivals UPDATE.jpg

Cast and Crew


'Eva' was played by

Effie Pappa 

Written, Directed and Produced by

Tom Lock Griffiths


Nick Cooke

Camera Assistant

Linda McDonald Cairns 


Vera Simmonds

Sound Design and Mix

Maiken Hansen 

Peter Warnock


Doychin Margoevski

Music Composed and performed by

Emma Smith

Featuring Traditional 

‘Die in the Storm’

The singers:

Rozi Plain

Emma Smith

Seamus Fogarty

Alexis Taylor

Matt Rogers

Eleanor Bodenham

Nina Millns

Tom Lock Griffiths


Mistral has featured in Latitude and London Light-Off Festivals 2018 and screened at the Institute of Contemporary Art as part of the London Short Film Festival in 2019 and also in Glasgow as part of SMHAF2019. For an online screening copy please get in touch​.