THE COMMITTAL (Short Film, 2020)


A short film meditation on a young woman’s thought process as she contemplates suicide. Inspired by Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Antigone it imagines a missing scene that we only hear about after the events have already occurred in the original.


Having been walled up alive in an underground tomb, Antigone asks herself was it her traumatic past or fate that lead her to this lonely death? In the end, when there’s no way out, she wonders is suicide merely a mad and desperate act or is it the only way she can become the master of her own destiny?

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Cast and Crew

Written & Directed by Tom Lock Griffiths

Produced by Franziska Lindner

Antigone Alice Handoll 

Cinematography Alfred Thirolle

1st Camera Assistant Ewan Sadler

Gaffer Sam Donvito

Additional footage Adrian Cousins

Production Sound Mixer Chase Coley


Editor Vera Simmonds

Composers Matthew Kelly & Russell John 

Sound Design Peter Warnock & Maiken Hansen

Re-recording Mixer Raoul Brand 

Colourist Ella Soryl

Shot on 16mm and Super 8mm film, processed by Andec and by hand (Adrian Cousins) - post-production facilities provided by Azimuth Post

Aspect Ratio 16:9  - runtime 8:50