WATERFALL (Short Film, 2016)

‘Waterfall’ is an essay film about memories of traumatic events and how they can become embedded in the landscape. It is a film about connections and resonances, about how water flows like memory and how memory and grief are always present if not always seen, as though lurking underwater. Starting from the scattering of ashes of a loved one at a Welsh waterfall, the film takes us on a journey inside our most painful thoughts and finally to a place of hope and recovery.


WATERFALL Festivals New.jpg

Cast and Crew


Written and Directed by

Tom Lock Griffiths

Produced by

Claire Oakley


Nick Cooke

Camera Assistant

Linda McDonald Cairns


Matteo Bini

Sound Designer

Maiken Hansen 

Dubbing Mixer

Peter Warnock


Jason R Moffat

Narrated by

Tom Lock Griffiths

Music Composed by

The Elysian Quartet and Geese

The Musicians:

Violin - Emma Smith

Violin - Jenny May Logan

Viola - Vince Sipprell

Cello - Laura Moody

Waterfall was in official selection at Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016, The London Short Film Festival 2017 (where it was nominated for a best cinematography award), The East End Film Festival 2017, The International Film Festival of Wales 2017, The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2017 (where it won BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM) and was selected to play at the Short Circuit Short Docs event in London in 2017. For an online screening copy please get in touch.